As some of you reading this may know, currently I live in Wrocław, beautiful city in south-western Poland, sometimes referred to as a city of hundred bridges (it’s a lie, we have more than that :)

During last week, from 27th of March to 1st of April, a cool event called GeekWeekWro took place. The idea was to engage some of many people working in IT industry in Wrocław to go out and meet together in at least a few of 25 specialized meetups. With over 20 000 of IT employees (in a rougly 640 000 city) the wide variety of topics and pretty big number of meetings it should not be a problem. And it wasn’t :-) There was something for everyone, I suppose: there was something for Go, Python, C#, data scientists, R or PHP enthusiasts, business analysts, devops, quality assurance, databases admins … and more.

During the last day a small conference took place. It was free of charge so anyone could join. There were 4 speeches, all of them were given in Polish so titles are translated to English by me (except the first one, which was already in English). Topic covered:

  1. Why every programmer should learn Go by Mateusz Dymiński. Mateusz tried to introduce Go and its advantages to those not familiar with this language and showed some easy to understand examples depicting using of goroutines, starting HTTP server and more.
  2. Machine learning step by step by Tomasz Melcer. Tomasz introduced to the audience some basic concepts of machine learning and how to avoid common problems. There were also excellent examples which were confirming words spoken by Tomasz.
  3. Internet of Things - on scale by Witalij Rudnicki. Witalij presented some application and plausible future of IoT in both commercial (or even - industrial) and personal use environments.
  4. How to automation and monitoring helps deliver faster by Tomasz Tarczyński. Tomasz was talking about important aspects of developer operations and how did he and his colleagues from work solved problems with their IoT platform.

All speeches were interesting but my favourite one happen to be the one about machine learning. Maybe because I would like to play with it a little bit in a near future. To learn more about GeekWeekWro visit the official website - but it’s only in Polish, sorry. Anyway, it was the third edition of this event so I’m looking forward for the next one next year.

And I got a sticker :-)


Grzegorz with a nice new sticker is a happy Grzegorz.

And why a dwarf is on a sticker, you may ask? Well, dwarves are one of Wrocław symbols. If you visit a city, you can even meet some of them, no kidding! As of today a population is 165 295 (little) people and counting :-)